555 is a brand of cigarette made by British American Tobacco. I just about only see it when I am getting a Pho; apparently it is the only serious competitor to Marlboro in many Asian countries.

I prefer Rothman's.

"555" is an alternate sort of version of the Internet slang "LOL."

No, I'm serious.

In Thailand, the number "5" is "ha." It is pronounced ha. Thus, "555" is "hahaha," and similar to "laughing out loud."

It originated in the Korean (!) game Ragnarok Online, on the English server. The English server was overrun with Thais, who would use this phrase near-constantly, much to the confusion of the English-speakers on the server. Eventually, the majority of people learned what it meant, and, even after Thais were banned from the server, usage of the phrase persisted in some areas. It hasn't spread very far at all beyond the Ragnarok Online community, as far as I can tell.


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