As I listened to a random selection of songs, I was presented with two in a row which had little kids lending a hand with the chorus. Intrigued, I tried to make a whole tape, but fell short of ideas. Since a web search has so far proved fruitless, this node is to share how far I got, and also serves a plea for help at the same time.

Often the use of kids in pop songs is slightly inappropriate, but (in these examples at least) it undeniably enhances the catchiness. I'm reliably informed that Terrorvision got into a fair amount of trouble for their morally dubious use of kids to enhance a song about drinking Mexico's finest. I'm not surprised though, just imagine the fuss if Tequila advertisements had eight year-olds in them.

Anyway, here's the list as it stands:

Your kind contributions thus far:

Others from the University newsgroups send word of more:

Any glaring omissions? Apologies to BrooksMarlin, who had this idea for a node too, and did it first but didn't get as much attention.

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