Robert Wilson is an American-born director whose productions are notorious for their huge-scale designs and even huger-scale running times. He began as a visual artist, and this influence has carried heavily into his work on the stage. Some of his plays have run over 24 hours, and it may literally take all night for a character to cross from one side of the stage to the other. He has worked often with Philip Glass as well as Tom Waits, and he usually works in Europe because theatres there have much bigger budgets and the artistic trends seem to be a little more out there. His artistic process often involves collecting random ideas, objects, pictures, texts, etc - contributed by cast members, designers, or found in the u-bahn that morning - and layering them on top of the original work; then the layers are peeled back over and over again, like an onion with nothing at the centre.

Amongst his works:

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