Robert Bruce is an Australian metaphysical author and expert on astral projection and out-of-body experiences, with works including Astral Dynamics and Capturing the Aura. He is considered a pioneer in the field as he is the inventor of several techniques for subtle body stimulation and for projection. He also has a website at and runs a consulting service for dealing with various psychic phenomena, ranging from projection to psychic self-defense to helping children fight nightmares.

One of Bruce's most well-known innovations was caused by a request by a man who was blind from birth for help with projection. Based on this request, Bruce rejected the entire visualization-based theory of dynamics and replaced it with a system he calls New Energy Waves, or NEW for short. The NEW system revolves around mobile body awareness and tactile imaging -- in other words, one stimulates the energy body by feeling energy move through it with one's awareness. To complement this touch-based system of stimulation, Bruce introduced the rope technique of projection, which is performed by activating the trance state and feeling oneself climb an infinite rope. Although the use of sight increases the method's potency, it actually requires no sight at all, only the feeling of the rope moving through the projector's hands.

Robert Bruce also wrote several works on dealing with negative energy entities, which he calls negs. His system of psychic self-defense, coupled with his astral theory and technique, form a work that could be considered the next generation of mysticism, transporting the techniques of Eastern mysticism to a Westernized world. To this end, although he does draw from the Tantra and use chakra in his works, he tries to keep them free of jargon and prefers techniques that he developed independently to those created by previous mystics. I strongly urge those interested in astral projection to take a look at Bruce's work, as it can prove a great starting point.

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