Riomaggiore is the first (or last) of the Cinque Terre town chain and is populated mainly by moody locals and German hikers. People who spend any amount of time there lose nearly all ambition and plans, due to the lush scenery and laid-back ambience. A tiny walkway called the Rue d'Amor connects the five villages, snaking along the cliffs which support the island, hovering above the churning Mediterranean sea.
We (me and my girlfriend) had rented an apartment above a bar, and the plan for that evening was to meet up with the bar owner, get a boat and visit one of the other towns, maybe spend the night there. It took two hours and four rounds of drinks to get everyone together - in the end, we just sat around, listened to the owner play guitar and smoked all night. No one so much as even mentioned the boat or original plan, this more convenient course of action had logically replaced it in everyone's mind.

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