Rimini is a costal town in northern Italy found in the region of Emilia-Romagna.

It is a popular holiday resort especially during the summer season. It boasts of a huge beach where one can practice all sorts of water sports. There are also sun beds and beach umbrellas to hire on spot quite cheaply. However I did find the water to be slightly cold and on the unclean side.

The town port offers opportunities to hire yachts as well as offering lessons. Whilst walking along the port you'll notice the large amount of fishing boats around, as fishing is another of its main industries. Most of the fishermen actually come from southern Italy, mainly from sardegna and its neighbouring islands, due to the lack of jobs in the south.

Another attractive aspect of Rimini is that it is within close proximity of San Marino. Rimini has often featured in Federico Fellini films such as i vitelloni, as it was his hometown.

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