Ride the Ducks is a site seeing franchise that offers customers a unique experience in touring a given locale.

The tour takes place on an amphibious truck designed by General Motors for the US Army for the purpose of providing ship to shore transport in WW II.

The experience is generally much more than a simple tour. The tour leader is the "Captain" of the craft, and these folks are normally very informative and entertaining; offering stories or little-known facts about the area, songs, witty comments and the like.

Integral to Ride the Ducks are the Wacky Quackers, which are duckbill shaped noisemakers-- a big favorite with the kids, and the bane of most adults. Some of the franchises offer these little trinkets for free, while others charge a small fee. My advice, if you're feeling particularly goofy on the day of the tour, don't miss 'em!

Of course, what makes Ride the Ducks such a crowd pleaser, is that after you are finished tooling around the town, full advantage is taken of the vehicle's amphibious qualities, and it splashes-down in the local body of water, where you motor gently along with the help of the rear propeller pushing you along

These tours are all across the country. I've been on the Seattle, Washington tour, and highly recommend it. Perhaps there is one close to you. I know of Ride the Duck tours in the following cities:

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