Sure are a lot of visiting ducks today...

Some good news today. Had a short story accepted plus a poem, both paying gigs to different markets. Can't beat that unless it's with a macaroni duck. Still trying to recover from all that writing. Hands and wrists are actually a bit swollen. Still wrote an E2 post or two and also wrote a guest post for a website. Should be live in January, so that's a nice way to start the upcoming new year. 

Signed up for my MFA classes that start January 3rd. Poetry Bootcamp, Fiction Writing Workshop, and Nonfiction Personal Essay Craft. Only need one book, so this will be an inexpensive quarter. I can also just keep doing the writing I normally do and get some graduate credits out of it.

This quarter I'm finishing a class that has us doing some literary criticism. I'm not enjoying it at all, unfortunately, but if I get back into teaching, I can see were it will come in handy.

On the professional front, still waiting to see if I'm accepted for a board position in a 100+ year old writing organization. I also connected with a local chapter of said organization, so maybe I will be able to get my butt out of the house and talk to humans. Chinchillas are nice and all, but they don't talk about anything except squeaks and food. I'd swear they're miniature hobbits.

Edit: Was poking around with the noding speedometer and I had a good chuckle. Guess Twisted_Missus was correct when she said I wasn't human. Now she has something backing her up. Was also fun to find out that I have been a member of Everything2 for 6262 days.

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