Richard Helms (1913-) is a former CIA director and ambassador to Iran. He is a member of the Skull & Bones society at Yale University. He started his career with the Office of Strategic Services, later serving as deputy director of covert operations for the CIA. He was Director of Central Intelligence from 1966 to 1973. He was heavily involved in the MKULTRA mind control experiments. Before he left the CIA, he admitted before Congress that he destroyed up to 80% of secret documents detailing crimes committed by the agency.

After he was fired as DCI by President Nixon, he was appointed Ambassador to Iran. There, he and other CIA operatives helped create and train the Savak for Reza Shah Pahlevi. He also helped engineer the bloody coup that put the Shah in power there. After the revolution which overthrew Pahlevi in 1979, Helms kept a low profile.


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