Much missed sweets along the same lines as Minstrels and Maltesers; these were small chocolate balls with a variety of different flavours inside: orange, coconut, nut, raisin and so on. They really weren't all that nice, it has to be said, but it was a very cool idea. The appeal was certainly much helped by the fact that they appeared to be named after the dog from Champion the Wonder Horse. I'm sure that Revels were the inspiration behind Bott's Every Flavour Bean from the Harry Potter books.

Hmm... trying to work out what perspective banjax over there is writing from... Anyways, in the UK, the fillings are: peanut, caramel, Malteser, chocolate, orange fondant, and coffee fondant. Bloody delicious IMO, and perfect if you can't make up your mind what sort of sweet you're after. Although they do tend to be a little on the expensive side for what you get. Someone once mentioned people with nut allergies playing Russian roulette with a bag of Revels. Or possibly not.

Made by Mars Confectionary incidentally.

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