The Regents of the University of California (UC Regents) is the 26-member board that governs the prestigous University of California (UC) system and are found in Article IX; Section 9 of the California Constitution (As well as the core files and upon login of any BSD). The UC Regents were created as a guard against political and religious influence on the university system, and meet 6 times a year for 2 days.

Many people complain about the UC Regents for being slow and bureaucratic all of which is justified, and expected of a government board.

The board is divided as such:

  • Eighteen regents are appointed by the governor for 12-year terms.
  • One is a student, appointed by the Regents to a one-year term.
  • Seven are ex officio members: The Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Speaker of the Assembly, Superintendent of Public Instruction, president and vice president of the Alumni Associations of UC and the UC president.
In addition, two faculty members -- the chair and vice chair of the Academic Council sit on the board as non-voting members.

The president of the regents is, not suprisigly, the governor. However, this is only in name, most of the power is welded by the Chairman of the Board, voted to the office for a one-year term when the regents meet on July 1.

The UC Regents operate through 7 committees:

  • Audit
  • Educational Policy
  • Finance
  • Grounds and Buildings
  • Health Services
  • Investments
  • Oversight of the Department of Energy Laboratories

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