The current California Constittuion was adopted in 1879 and is the one you that is noded. However, this was not the original, the 1st state constitution was created in 1849 during the California State Constitutional Convention from September 1, 1849 to October 13, 1849 at Monterey's Colton Hall. After it was signed and adopted, the constitution had to be hand-delivered to every place in the state. While Congress argued over California's admittance as a slave or free state (See Article I; Section VI...this was in the original 1849 constitution). It was admitted on September 9 1850 as a free state...though California didn't know it till October 18.

The state constitution was rewritten and adopted by the state legislature in 1879 due to changes in the state. Both the 1849 and 1895 constitution reside in the California State Archives in Sacramento.


We, the People of the State of California, grateful to Almighty God for our freedom, in order to secure and perpetuate its blessings, do establish this Constitution.

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