Redbreast is a unique Irish whiskey, in that it is a "single", unblended Irish whiskey, that is triple distilled and matured in oak casks for at least twelve years. It is a special blend of traditional Irish Pot Still and Grain whiskey produced in the Redbreast distillery in Midleton, Co.Cork

To give Redbreast its unique full-bodied flavour, old-fashioned production methods are favoured. Irish barley is malted to bring out its distinctive flavour, then dried in closed kilns. It is then combined with the purest Irish spring water and left to ferment naturally. It is then distilled three times in heavy alambic pot stills, each time becoming smoother and more refined. It is then aged in oak casks for at least twelve years until its flavour has fully matured and reached optimum complexity. It is then bottled for Edward Dillon & Co. Ltd. (Irish Distillers).

Irish Distillers Group was formed in 1966 when Cork distillers joined forces with rivals Jameson distillers and John Powers distillers. The Midleton distillery in Co. Cork was chosen at the site for the new all-purpose distillery for Irish distilleries, and is responsible for the majority of all Irish Whiskey produced in Ireland today. It remains the Irish Distillers Group main distillery. Redbreast is distributed in the United States by Pernod Ricard USA.

Redbreast is a very smooth, mellow whiskey, which has slight undertones of sherry (perhaps from the oak casks in which it is matured). And is a complex and mature whiskey that is best savoured with conversation and good friends.

Red"breast` (-br?st`), n.

1. Zool. (a)

The European robin.


The American robin. See Robin.


The knot, or red-breasted snipe; -- called also robin breast, and robin snipe. See Knot.

2. Zool.

The long-eared pondfish. See Pondfish.


© Webster 1913.

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