Red Collection is the latest propaganda scheme from Coca-Cola inc. The label of the coke bottle contains a code you can enter via a website or SMS. Each code is worth 2 points, and is used to get stuff from coca-cola, with their logo on it.

The red collection has items like TVs, a Yepp! player, a mini-fridge and bags.

The bitch-slap to the consumer here is the fact that you need 50 points to get a Yepp! player. Sound too good? It is. Not only do you need to buy 25 bottles of coke, you also have to pay for the product. The Yepp! player is another NOK 1500 (Approx USD 160 and 43 cents) in addition to the coke you've purchased. And many stores sell the cheaper, without the ugly logo.

Conclusion; rip-off.

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