We don't need no water.

My bar's closing, for good, forever, on New Year's Eve. The landlord doubled their rent and, well, that's all she wrote.

quite a few of you have tossed a few back at this place, and it means the world to me - it IS New York to me and has been a home away from home after hard days and soft. Part of me would like to be somewhere else this year, but...I just can't. Best I can do is bring the party to me.

Come one, come all. I can't PROMISE you'll drink for free, but...the bottles behind the bar have to go somewhere, and they might as well go into you. Many of us regulars are extremely pissed off that this is happening; there may be a riot. Will be memorable, if nothing else.


where: Bar 81, 7th street between first and second avenues (closer to first), New York City

when: New Year's Eve, Friday December 31, 2004. The time is negotiable, depending on when we all get together - I have nothing to do that day until I hit the bar, so when we head down there is up to you. My cell number's in my homenode - call me, we'll work it out.

why: new beginnings? Old friends?


the maybes:

There might be a cover; IF there is and IF I can't get it waived for ya, it'll be five bucks. It's their last night, and it's worth it. I generally think covers = lame, but this is the only bar in the city I'd ever pay a cover to get into, if that's any reassurance.

I can, as usual, provide crash space for a few people if necessary, though quarters will be EXTREMELY cramped. My roommate's home for the holidays, so an extra bed is to be had.

Addendum: if anybody has a way of getting indigoe from Texas, be it a ride, a plane ticket or a teleporter collecting dust in your closet, TELL ME. I've never asked e2 for anything, but for this, I'm begging. It's HER bar too.

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