Scottish musician and singer who achieved temporary fame when he replaced Phil Collins as lead singer of the band Genesis. Born in Dumfries on September 8, 1968, Wilson grew up there before moving to Carlisle. Wilson was a member of a series of obscure bands up until January 1994, when he joined Stiltskin. The band soon had a minor hit single, "Inside," which was made famous when it was used in a Levi's TV commercial.

Wilson was selected as Genesis' new lead singer in 1997 by Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford, who thought his voice sounded closer to that of Peter Gabriel than Phil Collins, allowing Genesis to return to a darker, more progressive rock style. He subsequently sang the lead vocals on the 1997 Genesis album Calling All Stations, and toured with the band around the world (though they did not play in the United States). However, this schedule took a toll on Wilson and his relationship with his longtime girlfriend (with whom he broke up), and he suffered from severe depression. He announced that he was leaving the band in early 2000, saying he'd rather sing in Edinburgh pubs than massive stadiums. His departure, along with the lukewarm reception of Calling All Stations (especially in America), may mark the final end of Genesis, after more than thirty years.

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