What does it mean to rappel? This is just one girl's point of view...so keep that in mind! Okay, here's the dictionary definition.

rap·pel (r-pl) n. A descent of a vertical surface, as a cliff or wall, by sliding down a belayed rope that is passed under one thigh and over the opposite shoulder or through a device that provides friction, typically while facing the surface and performing a series of short backward leaps to control the descent. (http://www.dictionary.com)

Got that? Now, do you want to know what it really means?

It's a cool dry morning and you stand on the edge of land looking down into space as your rope drops coils to your safety below. You've got your harness on, all your guts are in check. Before you drop you give a shout down and wait for the okay.

Back. Leaning into space until your ass is hanging 90 degrees and your eyes are even with the rock you were standing on just moments before. You test your mettle, flex your legs, gather strength and jump out. The rope slides through your eight and hums on your gloves until your feet nail the rock again.

Freefall baby.

Each time you jump, you do it harder, falling further--the rush pushing into every part of your body urging you to just let go and fall. But your safety won't let you...their sole purpose is to ruin your flight.

When your feet touch ground and your knees are shaking you want to let out the most wicked laugh, or you want a beer, or you just want to jump the nearest eligible body.

Everybody's reaction is different and it doesn't matter. Why you jump off a cliff is your business...just enjoy the fall.

Rap"pel (?), n. [F. Cf. Repeal.] Mil.

The beat of the drum to call soldiers to arms.


© Webster 1913.

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