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HA! The Thermometer and the Smooth Talker! Ummmmmmmm.
Wall Street...yeah...some of you know what I'm talking about.
Flash the face, then go down S L O W.
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"Do you want that I should make the Librarian cry?"

25, blonde (yes, I'm really blonde) rock climbing FREAK! I'm one of those girls that knows how to code, and gets paid for it.

And, yes, I'm cute. (wanna pic?) ;)

The biggest problem I have online is that people DO NOT believe I'm real! I learned, ate, inhaled, bathed in code from my early years so it was natural to do it. But I also played outdoors a lot, so I keep myself in great shape. I'm not trying to sound snobbish, but damn it's annoying! I guess if I was a redhead I'd loose all credibility!

Favorite place?

Moab, UT! during the day

Eddie McStiff's at night with a blueberry ale.