Something I often want to do, and do on occasion, but not without being regarded as strange or insane.

I as at the mall today, and realized something kind of humorous. Children. I love them dearly, they're so amazing, just the way they can act and actually get away with it. This little girl, I'm guessing she was about 4 or 5, was just standing there talking to herself, rambling incoherently, it was so funny, and so cute.. and something I'd love to be able to do. No one was questioning her sanity, not in the slightest, especially me. In fact I think she's probably one of the most sane people on the planet.

Why can't we act like lunatics anymore? Why do we have to be so conservative and grown up and all that other stuff? Stupid society. I want to be able to stand there thinking about whatever, spewing thoughts into words and not worrying what anyone thinks.

Growing up has its merits, of course. However, it's been said before and I'll say it again, most children have such free spirits, they're probably the only truly free people in the Universe. Along with anyone else who can think and act like a child...

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