The first album by Seven Nations, originally released when they were going by the name Clan na Gael and recorded between February and April 1994. This is 7N at their most traditional and conservative, with both feet firmly planted in the Celtic genre of music. Later albums would straddle the line between Celtic and rock music, then would drift even further until Seven Nations became primarily an alternative rock band with Celtic influences. Rain and Thunder is no longer in production, largely because the band has evolved well past the sound -- this is a quiet album, and these days the band is anything but.

At the time, Seven Nations didn't even have a drummer; many of these songs are without percussion. The heart of the band -- Kirk McLeod, Neil Anderson, and Struby -- was intact and remained so for four more albums.

This is solid Celtic music, but hard to find -- for completists only.

Kirk McLeod -- vocals, guitar, highland bagpipes
Neil Anderson -- tin whistles, uillean pipes, mandolin
Struby -- bass guitar

Guest Musicians:
Rick Sheridan -- drums and percussion
Paul Erico -- accordian
David Rimelis -- fiddle
J. Melville -- additional percussion overdubs

Track Listing:

  1. 4th part of Clumsy Lover
  2. Back Home in Derry
  3. Whistle Set -- The Mingulay Boat Song/Frank Mors' Hornpipe/Garrett Barry's
  4. From Clare to Here
  5. Uillean Pipe Set -- The Blarney Pilgrim/My Darling Asleep
  6. Faithful Departed
  7. 4th part of Pipe Major George Allan
  8. For James
  9. Talk to Me
  10. Rain and Thunder
  11. Si Beg Si Mohr
  12. Nothing
  13. Amazing Grace

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