The anarchist pirate version of Radio 4. Broadcasts around 106.6FM in Brighton, UK. on a somewhat erratic schedule usually centered around a significant date (past events have included Bastille Day , Valentines Day and Halloween) with an approriate theme to go with the date - thus the Valentines day broadcast had features on sex and disabillity and its own version of Mr and Mrs with gay, lesbian and unmarried straight couples.

It aims to be a speech based community station (pretty uniquely among UK pirate radio) with documentaries, quizzes etc - the whole gamut of speech based programming that you might find on the other Radio4. True to its anarchist nature scheduling and programming can be fairly eratic, so you are as likely to hear something completely random as he advertised program. It also has an eclectic music programme when it isn't doing speech, which tries to represent the musical diversity of whats around as well as stuff thats off- the wall - the last broadcast featuring an extensive jazz-punk soundclash.

It operates in a strange parallel universe to the other Radio 4 (it has attempted in the past to duplicate its entire schedule) and has its own versions of Radio 4 favourites such as Desert Island Discs (which occasionally becomes Desert Island Pissed depending on the state of the presenter) which pulled off a radio first at the last broadcast interviewing Marie-Antoinette. And of course it has its own version of the Radio 4 favourite the archers - in the 4A version following a gentically modified crop scare, oil was discovered in Ambridge leading to a military invasion, after a heroic resistance struggle Ambridge declared independence and adopted paganism as its official religion ( be continued)


Radio 4A now has a regular date slot - the second weekend of every month and is now webcast at or on 106.6 FM in the Brighton, UK area.


Friday Night - Open Deck Night.

Saturday 4pm-12pm specialist/mixed music shows.

  • 4-6pm The Fruitcake Show - music. madcap mayhem and phone ins.
  • 6-7pm. Misti Love - Soul and Disco
  • 7-9pm A Girl From Glasgow and A Girl from Bradford
  • 9-11pm Slip Jam B - live Hip Hop and Freestyling
  • 11-12 Bust The Box. - eclectic Beats
12midnight to whenever, Brighton's Free Party Sound Systems do thier thing (ie Banging Techno)

Sunday 12noon-7pm Speeach based programming,

Sunday till closedown (sometime around 1am Monday) - more music

  • 7-8pm Experimental Music Hour - avant garde wierdness (by PaulM)
  • 8-9pm Local Music
  • 10-11pm LIve experimenta lelectronics with Testcard
  • 11pm till closedown - Late Night Jazz - jazz & blues from the 1920's onwards (with PaulM)

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