An RTD is a Resonant Tunnelling Diode -- a useful device when designing a nanoelectronic circuit. Molecular Electronics can be a feasible technology if this is done right.

An acronym for Ready To Drink. This acronym is the trade jargon for premixed spirits sold in packages. Popular RTDs include various brands of Scotch and cola, Gin and Tonic, Rum and coke and other spirit/soft drink combinations. They are almost all hideously sweet and rather undrinkable. Beer is not included as an RTD, despite being equally ready to drink. Many nightclubs sell only RTDs and bottled beer in an effort to allow fewer barstaff to serve a greater number of patrons. Manufacturers of RTDs like to point out that they promote responsible drinking as people know how much alcohol they are drinking. Few RTD consumers take advantage of this attribute, leading one to ask why they bother with them at all.

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