Legendary professional wrestling newsgroup, rec.sports.pro.wrestling was founded in 1990 on Usenet. Even today, it is in the top 2% of all Usenet newsgroups in volume of posts. Unfortunately for the denizens of RSPW, all but 2% of the posts to the NG are bonafide crapola.

So what makes it different from alt.binaries.erotica.teen.female then? It's not spam that fills RSPW...it's legitimate posts on such subjects as "(POLL)Worst Handjob You've Ever Had", "Bin Laden to turn face at Survivor Series" or "Christians! Don't Let Your Kids See Satanism At Work in Harry Potter". That's not even to mention the technically on-topic postings such as "Taker no-sells nuclear strike", "Hulkster to return and save Team WWF, brahs!" and "(POLL)Did Shockmaster mean to fall through the set?".

Of course, there have been some moments of clear genius in RSPW. Posts such as Jesus joins the nWo, RSPW = YMCA and the Undertaker/Kane Green Eggs And Ham parody have all lit up many a RSPW-er's day.

RSPW also has one of the lowest newbie-toleration rates on Usenet. Obvious really - it's populated entirely with net geeks who are also wannabe wrestling smarts. So you better not say nuttin' stoopid, or it's yo' ass.

Start small. Learn a few of the conventions. Whenever you use the word who (n.N), make sure you put (n.N) after it, meaning 'Not Neidhart'. This is because the wrestling gimmick character Who (y.N) was played by Jim Neidhart (y.Who). Also follow trends like the following:

>>>>>Hey guys i have a question when was Wrestlemania X held? What was the main event?

You're pathetic!

Refer to other posters as 'Brah' (it's a Hogan thing). Always type Jim Hellwig's wrestling name as 'WOYAH'. And make 'hilarious' smark comments while watching the RAW telecast - bonus points for mentioning Ed 'The Booty Barber Zodiac Disciple' Leslie, Kurrgan or any inanimate object no-selling moves. Fun for all ages!
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