Sorry, this is not a factual about the Recommended Standard, it's a song. This is what comes of listening to Bryan Adams while hooking up an industrial network... Also, please don't hit me.

I had my tool out crimping
Terminating Four Eight Five
Start wondering in my head
"Which one is the invertin' line?"
Done by some other fool
This rat's nest makin' my life hard
Called out to my 'prentice, Larry
"Can ya grab my multimeter"

Oh then I told him how
"This job is gonna take forever
Might have to get the boys
To finish off when we leave here
'Cos we are running out of light"

Ain't my fault 'bout this cablin'
I'm not the one pulled them through
I was here on the mornin' flight in
Wanna get home like you - yeah
Larry's reaching for the torch
Situation i'n't getting better

Oh, but it made me a man
Showed us how we could be clever
Found another use for my knife
Back in there somewhere was DB9

Men workin' overtime
We would sort through this mess
I had made up my mind
I guess nothing can beat this Lever Pro

And now helped by some labelin'
I slipped the wires in and screwed 'em down
Remembering that pig of a thing
I think 'bout how quitting would've been wrong

How I switched off Larry's torch
Man walked up to hand me a letter
Oh, and as I shook his hand
I knew not what was in that letter
It was from that man an his wife
Invitin' over for dinner me an' mine

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