A self-educated engineer, inventor, founder of LeTourneau, Inc. and LeTourneau University.

So saith ConstructMyFuture.com:

Mr. R.G. LeTourneau is credited with over 200 patents and more firsts in the earthmoving industry than any other individual in history. He designed, built and sold many of the country's earliest scrapers from his factory in Stockton, California and later from headquarters in Peoria, Illinois, and still later from four additional international plant sites. His name, which defined his machines, was known the world over. In 1922 he built the first all-welded scraper that proved lighter, stronger and less expensive than any other models. While most known for his achievements in scraper technology, he was also responsible for the development of Tournacranes, the Walking Dredge and the Jib Crane, to name a few. With his countless innovations, his leadership and his pioneering spirit, he was truly a man of vision who helped change earthmoving methods all over the world.

Unfortunately the world has nearly forgotten LeTourneau and his machines. The mark his machines left on the world is unmistakable. LeTourneau's machines were used in the building of Hoover Dam, World War II efforts and numerous major projects of the 20th century. He was the first to use rubber airplane tires on his machines (his peers laughed at the thought of using rubber rather than metal wheels). His designs for scrapers and other big machines have evolved to today's modern road machines built by CAT and other machinary companies.

With his wife's help, Robert Gilmour LeTourneau bought Harmon General Hospital in Longview, Texas, USA to convert to a technical institute which became LeTourneau University. In fact, the purchase of the sprawling bunker complex from the government was actually part of a deal to build LeTourneau, Inc. in Longview. The city needed the new plant so they gave the dilapidated hospital to the LeTourneau couple for a few dollars.

A museum to R.G.'s honor is found at LeTourneau University where his spirit of ingenuity lives on.

The fascinating story of R.G.'s reliance on God is told in his autobiography, Mover of Men and Mountains.

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