from "Hidden Motors Give life to Prehistoric Monsters", in Popular Science / June 1933
"Controlled electrically, the mechanical monsters swing their heads, roll their eyes, breathe, snarl, roar, and grun] in realistic fashoin. A complicated mass of cogs, wheels, bellows, and silent motors produces the life-like sounds and motions."

from "Giant Metal 'Earth' Shows Life Forms of All Ages." in Popular Science / june 1932
"Expert operators at switchboards will make these huge creatures swing their heads from side to side, roll their eyes, lash their tails and open and close their jaws. Hidden where they can see the crowds, these operators will frequently give spectators an added thrill by having the monsters swing suddenly toward them with wide-gaping jaws."

from "High-Pressure Hydraulics Power Life-size Dinos", in Popular Mechanics / June 1996
"by merging robotics with high-pressure-hydraulics technology -- something new to the amusement industry... -- Universal was able to build dinosaurs which are not only life-sized but also can bend down to within feet of visitor's faces. To create more realistic eye contact between visitors and dinosaurs, Engel dressed up in sensor-covered remote-control suits and played the part of, for example, a raptor stalking dinner. A computer translated this movement into the monster's head and body movements."

The top two quotes regard the "Geological History of The World" exhibit at the 1933 Century of Progress [1933 Chicago World's Fair|World's Fair in Chicago. The Life Sized dinosaurs were covered in canvas and papier-mache and stood in a huge metal globe as part of a labyrinthine showcase of prehistoric times. The outside of the 100 foot globe showed "continents represented by blue metal, set away from the globe with lights behind giving variable color effects" and "oceans represented by polished stainless steel". Inside, dinosaurs triumphed on the top floor under perforated metal light for stars and hidden lights varying the color of the sky. "extinct sea mammals move behind narrow aquariums which contain live fish to heighten effect" and a "cascade of icewater cools atmosphere".
The bottom quote pertains to the Jurassic Park: The Ride at Universal Studios.

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