Quidam is currently in London at the Battersea Power Station, where Cirque du Soleil will be building a permanent showroom next year. The show is perhaps CdS's best blend of act and theme, with the acts serving and extending the theme (most notably the aerial contortion in silk routine, in which a woman costumed as nude writhes in a billowing red cloth hanging from the ceiling) rather than merely serving as a break from the random characters running around. I saw Quidam twice back to back in London (my third and fourth times) and was interested to notice mistakes both nights--something one seldom sees in a show so tight they call a rehearsal for a dropped juggling ball.

Lead clown John Gilkie has been replaced by a black actor playing the same character. I saw Gilkie first, so I'm poisoned, but I have a fundamental ethical problem with Cirque's habit of purchasing characters created by others and re-casting them. Sure, Gilkie's making money, but isn't clown supposed to be about exploring your inner fool?

Qui"dam (?), n. [L.]

Somebody; one unknown.



© Webster 1913.

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