One pot cooking is one of those things that can make cleaning up after a good meal less of a chore. I have a habit of just throwing a meal together out of ingredients that are on hand. This was concieved during one of those moments working out what we were going to eat whilst scrounging through the fridge and cupboards. This is the tasty result! It is a sort of chilli made with ingredients we had on hand. It was delicious, tart, filling and quite healthy for a vegetarian watching his carbohydrate intake.

Serves two as a main meal.
Preparation time: 10 minutes.
Cooking time: 20 minutes
Level of difficultly: Easy
Cost efficiency: Cheap




  • Chop, slice and dice all your vegetables.
  • Put the pot on a low to meduim heat and add the oil.
  • Chilies in first, this flavours the oil as well.
  • Onions next, cook until translucent.
  • Throw in the bell pepper/sweet pepper/capsicum and cook until softens.
  • Next comes the kidney beans followed closely by the mushrooms, peppadews, soy sausages.
  • Add the peppadew liquid if the chilli sauce from the kidney beans is not enough.
  • Cook until the mushrooms are cooked to your satisfaction.
  • Serve straight out of the pot.


As this was just a meal chucked together the variations are endless. In some ways it is a simple version of Chili con carne without the meat. It is quite hot and you may only want one chile or none as the peppadews do have heat to them. Because of the peppadews it was quite tart and a little acidic so don’t add if you want it a little sweeter. You can use meaty sausages for the soy sausages but the chilli sauce soaks nicely into them. It makes a totally satisfactory main meal or could be combined with some rice or pasta to stretch it to serve four. Add cheese and sour cream on top, hell, you could use it as a foundation for nachos. A versatile easy meal made up on the spur of the moment!

On peppadews, they are avaliable in most countries, for more information go to the node or the website

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