-- Rant On --

Okay, so I was at Denny's a few nights ago, getting a late-night bite to eat with my girlf. She orders the Buffalo Chicken Strips, I order the meatless "Boca Burger" (what, like the modem maker? No.). I should have known this was trouble, because the waitess gave me "the" look when I ordered it.

You know that look.

The "What are you, a fag?" look.

So we get our food, we nosh, I on soy and my girl on dessicated poultry. She offers me one of the chicken strips which she describes as over vinegar'ed. I take one, eat it, and it was good. In fact, not enough vinegar.

Anyway, our waitess caught this and questioned me:

"I thought you were a vegetarian?"
"No, why would you think that?"
"'Cause you ordered the Vegetarian Burger."
"So? Is it a sin to not eat meat like a rabid hyena?"
"No... But if you eat meat, why didn't you order something with meat instead of the icky vegetarian crap?"
"Because animal flesh wasn't what I fancied at the moment?"

This was very annoying, as you can imagine. Or like when I was at a Subway Sandwich Shop and ordered the "footlong veggie" and the pimple-boy behind the counter shot me the same look. *The* Look. Again.

If I'm not a vegetarian, am I supposed to despise vegetarian food? I'm sure it was people with that kind of attitude who gave us the Chef Salad, just to work some meat into what would otherwise be a queer "veggie-boy" dish.

Guess that? Not all vegetarian food is brown gack. Most of it is really, really good -- except brussel sprouts. Did you really think that vegetarians are masochists, too? Just because something didn't die to make it, doesn't mean it ain't the best thing on the plate! Just because I indulge in Hormone-injected beef once every few days doesn't mean I can't like meatless lasagna.

-- Rant off --

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