Some people need to get out of the house in the morning and get to work as soon as they can (in order to get online and log-in to E2). Our friend ideath is one such person.

For breakfast she will often have chai and a biscotti at a local coffe shop. Since she asked me for a recipe, I thought I might do one that she could actually use.

So, ideath,
Do You Have
a thermos? or one of those huge travelling coffee mugs?
2 or 3 cardamom seeds?
1 whole clove?
some orange rind?
a few other optional spices are some cinammon bark or a few peppercorns in case you like that?
some loose Darjeeling or Assam tea?
how about in bags?
some cheesecloth?
some honey or sugar?
some milk or condensed milk?
some water?

If So, You Could Just Do This
Put all of the dry ingredients into the cheesecloth. You can tear open the tea bags. Tie this Bouquet Garni tightly and put it into the thermos. Do this at night so that it is ready in the morning. When you wake up, are dressed, and almost ready to go, boil some water. Pour into the thermos and swish around. Seal the thermos. By the time you are half-way to work, your chai will be ready.

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