Pyg"my (?), Pyg*me"an (?), a. [L. pygmaeus. See Pygmy.]

Of or pertaining to a pygmy; resembling a pygmy or dwarf; dwarfish; very small.

" Like that Pygmean race."


Pygmy antelope Zool., the kleeneboc. -- Pygmy goose Zool., any species of very small geese of the genus Nettapus, native of Africa, India, and Australia. -- Pygmy owl Zool., the gnome. Pygmy parrot Zool., any one of several species of very small green parrots (Nasiternae), native of New Guinea and adjacent islands. They are not larger than sparrows. <-- Pygmy chimpanzee, a species of anthropoid ape (Pan paniscus) resembling the chimpanzee, but somewhat smaller; also called bonobo. It is considered (1996) as having the closest genetic relationship to humans of any other animal. It is found in forests in Zaire, and is an endangered species. -->


© Webster 1913.

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