The music we make is really hard and dynamic. If Psycore is like a film, it's like 'Blade Runner'. That film has the same elements we have in our music. It has depth, action and it's futuristic. When 'Blade Runner' came out it set standards for its genre, and that's what we aim to do with Psycore.
-Markus Jaan, lead singer, Psycore

A Swedish alternative metal band formed in Gothenburg in 1996; comprising vocalist Markus Jaan, guitarist Carlos Sepulveda, bassist Hansi Baumgartner and drummer Hans Wilholm. The group issued their debut LP, Your Problem in 1998.

Their music is unlike anything I've heard before. They use awesome rhythms and growling bass lines with in-your-face guitars. Eerie ambient passages collide with cyber-riffs. Spoken words glide over menacing mood music. The overall effect is better than this gratuitous hyperbole could ever suggest. Yeah, it's rock music Jim, but not as we know it. They kick serious ass and you have to hear it to understand what I mean.


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