Project Pitchfork, made up of Peter Spilles and Dirk Scheuber, released their first album, Dhyani, in 1991. I haven't heard this album - In fact, the only albums I have heard are their (relatively) recent releases, Alpha Omega, Chakra: Red, and Eon:Eon. So anything earlier than these I won't speak to.

Their modern sound probably has influences from a zillion and two different things. I won't attempt to talk about those, either. I'll simply say that I'm very fond of Project Pitchfork. They are one of the few industrial bands I know of who make heavy use of melody, often complex melodies, in their music. Their use of samples is very restrained, and usually quite tastefully done. Their lyrics tend to be intelligent, if not always intelligible. The lyrics tend to be about social and political issues, and lean slightly to the left, I think, politically.

(Partial) Discography:

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