"Pretty lady."

The word 'pretty' caught her attention. It was a word she had not heard applied to her since leaving ten years of age and six feet of height behind her. When people finally stopped passing over her appearance in embarrassed silence to avoid having to mention her size, they used a different vocabulary. She had heard a lot of words like 'striking' and 'statuesque,' several 'handsome's and even the odd touchingly helpless 'magnificent.' 'Pretty' was a welcome change, even if she couldn't take it seriously.

What she should perhaps take seriously was the fact that she had just been complimented by a male voice while alone and naked in a bathtub in a locked bathroom. Now she thought about it, she was remaining remarkably calm. Still, it had been quite a pleasant voice, and not at all threatening. She stopped investigating the callus on her left heel and sat up. Someone small was standing on the side of the bathtub.

"Pretty lady!", he said again, with a cheeky smile. He was something over a foot tall, and looked like he was in fairly healthy middle age, with a slight paunch and a bald head with a fringe of turquoise hair around it that merged into his beard and went well with his greenish-blue skin. He was naked, and all his proportions were normal except for one. His eyes followed hers towards it and caught them. They were yellowish and hard to look away from. She leaned back in the tub to get some more distance. His gaze slipped down across her chest and rested between her thighs.

"Mmmm, nice!", he murmured. His proportions became a little more unusual. For no reason she could think of, she lifted her right knee and leaned it against the side of the bath to give him a better view. She realised that her nipples were hard. She decided she could think about reasons later. The water was hot, the air was moist, and he had a very nice voice. The tip of his erection was reaching the level of his navel. It was a rather beautifully formed erection, she thought.

"What are you thinking of doing with that?", she asked him, passing her left hand under her right breast and taking the nipple between her forefinger and thumb.

"What you want. What you need."

She smiled. He was monstrously well-endowed for one of his size, but still so small that the idea of him pleasuring her was beyond ridiculous.

"You don't believe me? You pick me up."

She left her nipple to its own devices and passed her hand behind his waist. His body was hard, and his skin felt like velvet around his muscles. It reminded her of the feel of something else. Something else that was reaching an increasingly astounding size as she brought him closer to her face. A faint smell came from his body, like incense or some kind of perfumed soap. She breathed in deeply, then breathed out and felt her body go limp apart from her outstretched arm. She brought him closer and kissed the tip. It jerked between her lips and got even bigger. It almost felt like the jerk had been echoed in his back against her hand.

She rolled her tongue around him. He grew a little more. This time there was no mistaking: his body was shrinking as the member grew. She supposed the material had to come from somewhere. She wondered how far the process could go, and sucked him into her mouth, sliding her lips down to his belly. She took him out again and looked at the twitching phallus. It did not stop growing. She played with it a little longer with her lips and her tongue, before sucking it in once again. Already, it only just fit into her mouth. It throbbed against the back of her throat and she had to pull his shrinking body away from her face. He was holding grimly on to her thumb and finger with his arms, and looking increasingly wrinkled and small.

"Are you all right?", she asked him.

He gave her the smile of a blessèd prune: "Lovely! Don't stop!"

His penis was about the size of that of a normal man, and his body not much bigger. She sucked him again and the one grew while the other shrank. Half of his body was penis already. Why did he not look grotesque, she wondered, as two fingers of her right hand slipped between her labia and idly started spreading her juice around her erect clitoris. There seemed to be enough to go around, even though the bath water kept washing it off. She sucked him a little more, and he responded. His body was little more than a handle for her to guide him with.

"Put me in!", he gasped, "feel good!"

And why not, she thought, as she lifted her hips up out of the water, held open her lips and carefully pushed the twitching flesh between them. She had seen sex toys of comparable size in shops, and although they were not small, neither was she. He hummed or groaned, and she felt the vibration of his voice in her lips. She pulled him out and pushed him in again. He throbbed and grew a little more. Her hips moved convulsively, and he was underwater for a moment.

"Sorry! Are you OK?"

His mouth was another wrinkle in the walnut of his face, but his voice was as exciting as before:

"No problem. Don't need to breathe much. Have fun!"

She did. With each thrust his dick throbbed against the walls of her vagina, getting bigger each time and stretching her ever further. He bent his head forwards and butted her tickler on every stroke. With her right hand she squeezed her breasts together, playing with her nipples with the finger and thumb. The game could only last a few minutes. Then one time as she pulled him up out of the water she heard him take a deep breath, and as she next pushed him in he gave something between a groan and a roar that she felt vibrate deep into her stomach, his prick pulsed hugely and stretched her so far she felt she might burst, then throbbed seven times, stretching her even further and pumping her full as she gasped out her orgasm.

She fell asleep in the bath with a little blue man lying limp between her legs. When she woke she was alone and the memory was blurred, although she knew it had not been a dream. In the next few days and weeks she hardly thought of it, and did not even stop to think how strange that was. Then one early blurry morning she woke to see seven tiny blue boys climbing out of her window. "My babies!", she started thinking, but then the last one turned and smiled at her and said:

"Pretty lady!"

and she forgot everything.

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