Ready-to-wear, in French. Clothes you can buy in a store and wear immediately, as opposed to haute couture, that has to be fitted/made to measure by several freaks.
There are something like 200 clients in the whole world for haute couture, and they're probably all married to the same Saudi Arabian prince, so what you're wearing now is probably pret-a-porter.
Properly spelled Prêt-à-Porter (I guess e2 doesn't support those characters in node titles), is ready to wear in French. These are the clothes that are sold in stores, versus being fitted. Eventually everything you see on the runway winds up being toned down to be ready to wear.

This is also the original title of the movie Ready to Wear, directed by Robert Altman. Like most of his films, there are star cameos, and supporting cast everywhere. From Sophia Loren, to Kim Basinger. They use the fashion shows of France as a backdrop for a murder movie. Although it is about murder, it is still very much a comedy.

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