Posole is a Mexican hominy stew. It usually contains meat, which can be pork, chicken, or beef stewed in red chiles. This is a recipe passed on to me by my friend Maria Barcenas.Posole is one of those foods that gets better each day it is reheated, so it is usually made in large batches.

    • 5 pounds pork-can be roast, ribs or chops. I use whatever is on sale that day
      3 large onions, chopped
      chili powder
      1 restaurant size can of hominy
      chopped green cabbage
          chopped radishes
          grated monterey jack cheese
          lemon slices
  • The night before

    Simmer the pork with the dried chiles until the pork is done. Skim off what fat you can and refrigerate overnight.

    Two hours before serving

    Skim any remaining fat off the liquid. Remove and discard the chile pods. Cut the pork into one inch cubes. Add pork, chopped onions, chili powder and hominy to the broth and simmer for 90 minutes. Salt to taste.

    To serve

    Serve hot with warm corn tortillas. Cabbage, radishes, cheese and lemon slices may be sprinkled on top of the stew as desired

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