The third set in the Portal card game (a simplistic version of Magic: The Gathering), consisting of 180 cards. Unlike other sets for Magic, Portal: Three Kindgoms was released only in Asia-Pacific countries - it's not even available in the United States except as an import.

It is based on the Chinese drama Romance of the Three Kindgoms. Cards and characters are all based on the story, and all the art was done by renowned Chinese artists. (And the preview images I've seen on the Wizards of the Coast website are downright gorgeous.)

The cards were printed with white borders, and the expansion symbol was the Chinese character for the number '3'. It was done in black for common cards, silver for uncommon cards, and gold for rare cards.

As in other Portal sets, there are limited game mechanics involved to simplify the rules and play. This set introduces 'horsemanship', an analogue to flying.

There are three preconstructed decks; Shu Kingdom, consisting of Virtuous Liu Bei, his brilliant strategist Kongming, and his heroic general Guan Yu, Wei Kingdom, consisting of Ruthless Cao Cao and his ingenious general Sima Yi, and Wu Kingdom, with Wise Sun Quan and his able general Lu Xun.







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