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Brainchild of English construction manager Donald Shepherd, Portakabin has become the standard choice for modular portable buildings, now with expanded installation options, versatile and equipped for any number of uses, Portakabin has in a few short years become the pioneer of it’s field.

In the late forties tiring of working in the harsh English weather whilst he waited for makeshift offices to erected Donald Shepherd turned his mind to find more effective ways of constructing temporary shelter. Throughout the next few years he devised a number of different solutions which never quite panned out but lay the basis of what would become the Portakabin Pacemaker.
Transportable and self contained, since its introduction in 1961 Portakabin has been a success. Today it has a wide range of models and configuration with uses as far spreading as education and construction.


Office (and construction)


This model s constructed around an all-steel structure it has a ten-year guarantee and can be ordered in ten different sizes (from 7m2 to 36m2). The Pacemaker is included in the small and medium range of Portakabin buildings.
Delivered by a single truck, the Pacemaker buildings can be erected by one person using it’s own telescopic leg system (named Lodastrut).
Pacemaker buildings can be constructed up to three floors, linked by external staircases and walkways.


According to Portakabin this model has a bright and airy interior, as well as being constructed around the steel structure that is the basis of all the Portakabin models. Included in the medium range of buildings it comes in four sizes (from 36m2 to 68m2). The Titan also benefits from better insulation than the Pacemaker does. Also deliverable by transport truck it can be mounted by one person and also uses the Lodastrut leg system to mount it.


The Duplex is claimed to have a design life of at least 60 years, it includes number of features that are not available to either the Pacemaker or the Titan. Some of these features would be the internal layout which is completely flexible allowing the customer to design the office to their taste. It also offers a variety of architectural designs, which further enhance the ability to create a personalised environment. Hand in hand with these two features comes the fact that the installations are completely reversible allowing the Portakabin to be adapted to changing business needs. The Duplex is included in the Extensive (large) range of office Portakabin buildings.


Lillput (Pre-School)

The Lilliput range of Portakabin buildings are based on the same steel foundations that the rest of their products use but the design and presentation of the building has been dramatically changed to house children. Designed in consultation with specialists and government aides the Lilliput Portakabin as well has housing up to 60 children, has five key parts that hope to make it the choice of the majority of educational bodies.

  1. A covered entrance to make the transition into the nursery as seamless as possible for the children.
  2. A large section of the building is put aside for an activity room with a non slip floor and storage space for children and teachers alike.
  3. A special insulated quiet room for rest and sleep.
  4. A sheltered play area outside which will allow the kids to play happily outside not matter the time of year.
  5. A number of utilities like child toilets, shower and sinks with a kitchenette and an adult toilet.

Akademy (Primary)

Following it’s award-winning design of the Lilliput series Portakabin developed the Akademy range of primary education classrooms. With a wide range of features and space for up to 30 pupils (although since the buildings are modular expansion is a matter of hours). Designed specifically for teaching purposes it includes a series of features that are unique to this model.

At the front of the building it has a wide area for desks and general teaching. Within in the Portakabin there is also a ”wet” area for science, experiments and art. Insulated and sectioned off is the reading area for study and quiet. The newest feature though is the inclusion of a computer station for research and technology.

Secondary Schools and Higher Education Portakabin buildings

The Secondary School and Higher Education Portakabin buildings are modified and adapted version of the Duplex range of buildings, these adaptations can include canteens, lecture halls, theatres and toilet facilities.


Within the healthcare range Portakabin has seen fit to add the office range (Pacemaker, Titan and Duplex) with made to order layouts and options.


The last and more ambitious maybe of Portakabin’s ventures is the energy industry, hoping to provide shelter and work space to oil and gas platforms across the world it has developed Xporta, flat packed in IKEA style they can be easily transported anywhere in the world and can be assembled by two people in the space of an hour. They can also be linked or double stacked for immediate expansion.

Trademarks (as stated on their website)

Portakabin is the trademark of Portakabin Limited. It should always be written with a capital first letter and never used in a plural or possessive sense, or as a noun.

Portakabin should NOT be used as a generic term to describe any transportable cabin-type building.

Other Portakabin trademarks
Porta, Pacemaker, Titan, Pullman, Duplex, Portaloo, Lilliput, Akademy, Xporta.


Portakabin has expanded to become an international company and now has centres in six European countries: UK, France, Germany, The Netherlands and Belgium. It also is involved in exporting it solutions worldwide with authorised distributors in over sixty countries.

They also have a fully-fledged subsidiary; Yorkon Limited. Also specialising in modular steel structured buildings Yorkon concentrates on long-term buildings. The main sectors Yorkon operates in are housing, fast food restaurants, hotels, healthcare and offices.
Clients who have signed up to Yorkon's services include McDonald's, Peabody Trust, Zeneca, Railtrack, Tesco, Hilton and Dudley Priority Health NHS Trust.

www.google.com - Portakabin

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