Pop sexology texts have a few well-defined characteristics:
  1. They are not written by a professional, they are written by a professional for an extremely wide audience, or worst of all – they are written by John Grey.
  2. The author generalizes wildly, disregarding personal differences yet continually repeating mantras about everyone being different and the legitimacy of doing your own thing.
  3. Text stresses the importance of communication above all else.
  4. Text is likely to include the words “The Brain is the Largest Sexual Organ”.
I could go on with the symptom list, but I’d rather flame instead.
E2 is full of pop sexology. It is done by the best of noders. It is done by the worst of noders. Some of the information presented in these nodes can be of some use to people – perhaps knowing how to give Teleny a hand job (meanwhile sadly deleted) may inspire a young and inexperienced e2’r. Perhaps learning How to improve your orgasms can share one noder’s knowledge with the rest of us. But I’ve got some news for the pop-sexology noders here in general: No one has thanked their luck for reading how to make love to a virgin. The cry “Oh, I thought I shouldn’t stop when asked to stop” did not echo across the nation. Very few people turned to their partner in awe, saying “well, honey, I read on the net today that we should use some lubricant when fisting. There’s a new thought! Perhaps you should marry a man with smaller hands, while you’re at it!”

What pisses me off most is the fact that these nodes get cooled, and get upvoted wildly. What aggravates this is the fact that a node by a female noder implying that she is in any way passionate, or has experienced sexual relations of different kinds, will be inexplicably upvoted. OK, fellow noders – there’s nothing especially strange or cool about women having sex – in heterosexual relations approximately half of the people involved are woman! I counted!

I’ll repeat another important point already made by Footprints, if I may. The fact that you are a heterosexual woman means you have probably had sex with fewer women than I. While you have, so to speak, an insider’s perspective, I’ve been an insider, again so to speak, to more woman than you. And yes – we both have female friends.

The bottom line is this. I’m not very radical about ideas in E2. I don’t mind reading about your sexual exploits and I don’t mind you dispensing free advice. Please just try to make it either interesting or informative. And when I say “informative” I don’t mean teen-age-magazine informative. I mean really. And voters: Don’t hesitate to /msg people saying “I’m sorry, but your extremely conventional ideas about being sensitive to 12 year old sexual assault victims have already occurred to others”.

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