If you are on Drugs and Cops want to talk to you, watch out. Cops can be very tricky people. This is where logic can come in and be a big help or it can work against you. One of a cops favorite tricks is asking you if you heard any fireworks or firecrackers.

Here is the scenario: Say a cop car pulls up to you and your friends and they have some reason or another to believe that you are on drugs. This often happens when a group of teenagers is in a quiet suburban area. They will roll up and ask the group if you've heard any fireworks. Here's the trick: There are no fireworks.

If you are on drugs and a cop is looking at you, the average human loses all sense of rational thought and the only thing they can think about it avoiding a court date. People think slower when they are on drugs and even slower than that when they are looking at a bright shiny badge. The cops know this, many of them get off on it. When a cop asks if you've heard fireworks and you are on drugs, for some strange reason a lot of people have a tendency to say that they did hear fireworks even if they didn't. If you aren't thinking very fast, you just kind of assume that cops aren't there to trick you and that they wouldn't ask you if there were fireworks unless there were.

Well that is the trick. There are no fireworks and if you say you heard non-existent fireworks because of a drug-induced paranoia you just gave yourself away. Cops are tricky characters.

Another weird cop trick that runs along the same line, is one I saw on television. It was on one of those reality TV shows. A cop pulled someone over and wanted to see if the guy was on drugs. He pulls him over and pats him down and then shines a flashlight at him, looks around and asks him "Do you have any illegal firearms, opened containers of alcohol, tanks, dead bodies, hand grenades, or illegal narcotics in your car?"

The man replies "No officer."

The trick is that anyone without something to hide would find it very odd that a cop just asked them if they had a tank, dead body or a hand grenade in their car. A person on drugs would just say no as fast as possible to any incriminating sounding question that a cop would ask.

This is not to say that cops are bad people or that drugs are bad. They are both just two things you may or may not encounter in your daily life.

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