"In This Moment..."

Pressed against me,
His breath whistles in a rush through my ear,
Like the ocean, beckoning, calling--
This completeness, this reality
Moves me to the point of tears...
In his arms,
The world slows down, grinds to a halt
And nothing in this moment
Matters more

Maybe you might recognize this from one of knarph's nodes--I wrote it for him, but the clarity of how it fits in with my current situation is overwhelming. After the hellish ride with Frank, I needed this.

You walked into my life
When I felt I'd never breathe again
I'd like to say I don't believe in fate,
That we can all just choose the path we take
You changed all that
My breathing has steadied,
My mind has cleared...
To quote Adrienne Rich,
"I'd call it love,
If love didn't take so many years"...
You move me to completion
And completion moves me to you

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