Pk-Hq was established in 1998 as a forum for pk's or Player Killers to gather. It was intially for the game Ultima Online but soon branched out to other games like Diablo II, Shadowbane, Dark age of Camelot and many other MMORPG games. The members of pk-hq are typically people who have fun being evil. Online they kill people over and over and enjoy the screams and complaints their prey puts out. Typically the more you bash them when you die from them the more joy it will give them. Their antics don't just happen in online game but on other sites as well. They have spamed other forums with with gay porn just for fun. They occasionally go into Habbo Hotel, a virtual chatting community, and grieving the chatters or force cybersex on them.

They have made it on the news a few times after a member left a suicide note on the forum and a moderator from another forum traced his IP to the local police where they rescued him. They have also been in Yahoo! Magazine in an article about online gangs.

Pk-Hq is a known name in the gaming community one that brings fear and hatred. Today they have over 10,000 members and have started a guild called Karas Hur which was based on the idea of evil and killing people with no mercy.

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