Ping Ponging is a standard term used in the process of recording an album.

The standard analog home recording system takes a blanks cassette tape, and breaks it into 4 tracks. This typically means that only four musical instruments can be recorded on a single song, so one has to choose the music carefully.

When one Ping pongs more tracks can be recorded. on a standard 4-Track up to Ten individual instruments can be playing at the same time.

The process that allows this to happen is rather interesting. Using a 4-Track recorder one may pre-record the first three tracks. Then, after proper mixing of sound levels, the first three pre-recorded tracks can be recorded down to the fourth track while the fourth instrument is played live. To maximize the space of the 4-track and get all ten instruments, you can do as follows:

Track one= 1 instrument
Track two= 2 instruments
Track three= 3 instruments
Track four= 4 instruments

The quality of the pre-recorded tracks may be slightly diminished during the process. Unless you want to pan all the tracks to center, decide beforehand which tracks should be to the left or to the right

The Beatles used this process extensively during the recording of their song I Am the Walrus

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