The act that must inevitably occur after a particularly mind-bending experience. You have to drop your psyche before you can pick it back up again, in ways not just limited to psychedelic chemicals, but any activity in which you somehow lose yourself. This act can be performed in as little as a few seconds, and some people never quite pick it back up again (see: Syd Barrett).

One time it took me several days to get myself back. I'd inadvertantly gotten myself into tripsitting an ex through his first acid trip on extremely pure liquid LSD (the quality of which I'd never seen before and am likely never to again)...needless to say, I was in no shape to babysit anyone myself. He started to think about some things that he probably shouldn't have in that condition and became very upset to the point of crying in the corner and I'm trying to talk him down. At one point in the conversation, he said something about, "You're not understanding what I'm feeling right now." I opened my mouth to say, only partially sarcastically, "If I could just be inside your head, I could understand." The words never came out of my mouth, the reason was that I was there.

This was the most concentrated emotional pain that I have ever felt in my life hitting me like a tidal wave. The tables turned, and he had the job of talking me down and talking me out of finding a tall building somewhere. Eventually, things calmed down a little bit and we put on The Wall.

For the next three days I walked around shell-shocked, my mind still reeling from the very intense experience. Eventually, I picked up the pieces and became a coherent whole again.

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