"You know, I don't even like you anymore."

She turned, surprised and hurt.
He watched the emotions play on her face.

"After you told me that you were still in love with someone else, I knew that I couldn't take it anymore."
"But we never had the chance to try! Maybe I could have loved you, but I can't know until we try..."
"I wanted you, completely. And I'm too jealous and too selfish to still want you when I know I'll never have you. I thought that maybe things would change when I saw you. Apart from... well..." He let his eyes wander over her body, gave a little mischievous smile. She recoiled, mouth a silent O.
"Apart from that, there was nothing to this. It's been over a long time, but this time it's really over." He tossed her the sweater she'd left crumpled on the floor.

Her mouth worked, as though trying to say the words she couldn't find.
"I know this always meant more to you than it did for me, but what can I say..." He trailed off, unsure now of what to say.
She looked down at the pants she'd just buttoned, ran her hand through her mussed hair. She moved slowly, as though her brain was partially frozen. "I guess... I guess I should go."
She bent to gather her bag, slip on her shoes.

Her hand on the doorknob, he called her, "Estelle..."
She turned back, eyes shimmering. "Yes?"
He looked at her, wondered what to say, whether to take it all back and love her again, or to burn her for all the pain she'd put him through. She looked like a lost child, standing all alone in front of the door, sweater in her hands, big eyes looking up into his.
"Good bye."
She looked up into his eyes, down to the floor, back again. Not what she'd hoped he'd say. Fingers brushing the door, she replied before turning towards it. "Good bye."

The door closed behind her, and he knew that her eyes would be filled with tears. He stood in the hallway for a long time, looking at the door, half hoping for the knob to turn and for her to come back. He knew she wouldn't, not after what he'd said. He wondered how much he was lying to himself, how much he'd lied to her, or whether what he'd said was really the truth. He stood a lot longer.

He went into the bathroom, saw her toothbrush on the edge of the sink. He picked it up, examined it for a moment, went to throw it away but stopped himself mid movement. He held it up again, then carefully placed it back as it had been. That could wait.

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