Long ago, when I first got fairly large amounts of internet access, I stumbled upon some site that claimed it could teach any guy how to get lots of sex. There was a requirement for a credit card, which I did not have, and thus was unable to obtain that knowledge that would have gotten me what I imagine every young man wants - easy, no consequence, regular sex with the women one desires. Much later, information about some of the techniques of the artists became a bit more widely known. I tried one of the techniques, negging, without much success and then abandoned the whole idea. In my mind, I put it in the same class as devices that promise weight loss without exercise, pills to make a man's dick bigger, and schemes to make money without work.

Pick up artistry is the "art" of getting women to have sex with a guy. It is implied that picking up is done by men to women. The practitioner of the art is called a Pick Up Artist, or PUA for short. Reading up on it now, before commencing this writeup, it appears that the artistry involves making oneself more attractive by improving one's appearance and not behaving in a desperate manner when talking to a woman. I am reminded of a fantastic movie "The Tao of Steve" where a guy is advised that to get women one needs to "be desireless", "be excellent", "be gone". I thought that was great advice especially the parts about being excellent and being gone, that was easy. The hardest bit was and is being desireless. If a man approaches a woman in a social setting, it is because he finds her attractive. Given that a woman's polite friendliness can often seem like interest, a man can easily push where there is no leeway. Do that too often, fail to get the desired results, and it is easy for desperation caused by self doubt to set in. By the way, being excellent meant being admirable in some way - it could be physical attractiveness, being funny, being rich (without being obnoxious about it, this was not stated in the film, I just think it is the correct way to behave) and so on. Being gone meant being unavailable sometimes. I suppose this was a means to give oneself scarcity value, to make the woman desire one's company.

According to the Wikipedia article on PUAs, the earliest publication on how to pick up women is from 1967. It is a book by Albert Ellis and Roger Conway titled the Art of Erotic Seduction. The book describes Ellis' experience with picking up women in the 1930s.

There is a perception that anyone who would want to practice the techniques or even pay money to learn them is some sort of sleaze or a loser. I disagree with that. I think the stereotype of men's obsession with sex is mostly true and so there is nothing wrong with wanting to get laid with a willing partner. Cheap prophylactics and contraceptives have reduced the traditionally high cost of sex for women. Thus, the biological preference for commitment that women were said to have is no longer imperative and I think it is unfair for a woman to demand and a lousy bargain for a man to accept unlimited demands on his time just to get laid. It is a good thing that sexual liberation for women is becoming more widespread and so there is nothing wrong with men trying to learn techniques that have the effect of making them more attractive. The notion that the man is somehow deceiving the woman is false because he is offering nothing less than sex in return for sex. No harm is done if the techniques don't work, and so long as the woman's boundaries are respected (no being accepted as no and not seen as playing hard to get thus further attention becoming harassment) the man should get a complimentary shag for at least putting in some effort.

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