Physical Chess

This is another name for the noblest of sports, fencing. This term was coined to reflect the strategic nature of the sport which I, and moreoverly anybody who takes the sport seriously, will be able to tell you is absolutely imperative to success. If you would like to read about that, try here.

On the other hand,,,

Physical Chess is also a company that provides fine fencing equipment and has done so conscientiously since 1995. Not a long history for sure, but that is not to say that their equipment isn't of a quality nature. The company began as an independent, then began to work with other companies for a short time; however, they found that it only slowed them down in their ability to provide equipment at their own specifications of quality and design. For this reason they have gone back to being an independent company.

Individuals who had over 200 years' collective experience in the fencing field founded the company. Originally created in New Jersey, they made a move to New York City; then, however, they decided to move back to New Jersey. Recently they have decided to move to a larger facility in Jersey. *

Physical Chess carries all levels of equipment, from beginning practice sets to Olympic class electrical equipment. Their prices are what I would consider to be highly competitive after doing my research, but not so cheap as to make me question quality.

*No specific dates given, sorry. Also my exp of Jersy was rather limited, so all you jersy loving folk, I apologize.

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