Vietnamese chicken noodle soup, from Pho meaning noodle soup and Ga meaning chicken. Bears a strange cultural semblance to Gumbo. Pho Ga is one of the more potent vietnamese dishes, as it is, at its base a quite simple dish.

Basic Pho Ga consists of:
Chicken Chunks
Chicken Broth
White Onions
Green Onions

But, when it is served the recipient of the Pho Ga may add bean sprouts, lemon, jalapeno, and basil.

Of course, the Pho Ga is by no means complete, as bean paste, and chili sauce must be liberally applied to the bowl.

Eat with chopsticks and a spoon (porcelain is preferred, metal spoons affect the taste too greatly), and eat until the chili and jalapenos make you unable to see straight. Drink green tea (or, if you prefer iced tea). Repeat. What you will experience is a sensation known in small circles as "Phogaphoria". Enjoy!

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