The Fisio 311 is a budget type GSM telephone produced by Philips, probably for the youth market. It is just a plain GSM terminal, with nothing particularly fancy built in. I have used one for over a year now (I chose it because it was the cheapest replacement for my stolen Nokia, and it had the lowest possible price at FNAC).

These are its specifications (taken from its box):

The terminal itself is quite resistent - it has survived a fair number of shocks and crashes and it bears no sign of them. Sometimes it will not connect to the cell no matter what you do, but I doubt it's a software problem - if I get batteries off and then have it run a cold boot, it will usually reconnect in a matter of seconds (while losing current time and date).

The interface is rather awkward to use - definitely the worst I have experienced, in spite of all those pretty icons and available styles, but I frankly don't spend much time playing with it, so it's good enough.

I never had success in setting up the voice call feature, but in the end I only use the mobile to dial a few numbers and they are likely in the "recent calls" list, available at a touch of the green button on the left. I never tried WAP, but I frankly don't care at all about it.

In the end I think it's a pretty basic but usable unit. It does what it's supposed to do, so it's worth what I paid it.

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