A national fraternity. It was formed in 1959 by the merger of Phi Kappa (founded 1889 at Brown University) and Theta Kappa Phi (founded 1919 at Lehigh University). It is said to be the only true merger between two national fraternities. It is currently comprised of 1500 undergrads in 49 chapters and 6 colonies. Notable Phi Kaps include John F. Kennedy and Paul Allen.

The four ideals that a good Phi Kap should be dedicated to are: fraternal, intellectual, spiritual, and social. As for the spiritual ideal this used to be the national Catholic fraternity. The national board is trying to reduce the emphesis on that and encouraging more diversity. Most local chapters had already gone this route long before.

I was a member of the Missouri Mu chapter of this fraternity at the University of Missouri-Rolla.

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